A bit about QP

January 31, 2024

QP is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company established to develop microvascular medicines as a way to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life in cardiovascular diseases. Since its founding in Switzerland in 2020, the company has opened offices in Toronto, Canada and most recently Munich, Germany, quickly growing its core team and collaborators with further ambitions to expand over the next 5 years.

Before its inception, QP’s team laid the groundwork for vibrant research collaborations in its respective locales, pulling on the breadth of knowledge and expertise in global centres like Toronto’s University-Hospital heart failure core. Alexandra Papaelias, COO, stated, “We have been able to attract a team of scientists and research collaborators that recognize the opportunity with microvascular medicine, which has strengthened our research pipeline and positions us well to execute our goals”.

A key milestone has been formalizing a research agreement with the University of Toronto to support preclinical research at the Bolz lab, which is one of the few equipped with the technical expertise to conduct validation experiments in specific microvascular beds and several disease models. QP will also leverage its Toronto network for its forthcoming Phase 2 proof-of-concept LYRIC-HF trial, which will investigate a mechanism-based treatment candidate for heart failure patients experiencing cerebral blood flow deficits. This trial will be an important opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration on the relationship between the heart and brain connection, using the latest in magnetic resonance imaging technologies.

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