An international team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, building innovation capacity through collaboration.

QP Team.

Dr. Steffen-Sebastian Bolz

Steffen-Sebastian is a scientist, physician and entrepreneur.

He holds a full professorship at the University of Toronto, is a Principal Investigator at the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, and Director of the Toronto Centre for Microvascular Medicine. His research program has contributed novel signaling paradigms, methodological advancements and validated innovative molecular/therapeutic targets to the field of microvascular medicine.  

Steffen-Sebastian is a member of a European biotech investor network, Chief Scientific Officer of an innovative specialty pharma company and Chief Scientist at Qanatpharma. He trained at the Universities of Lübeck, Montreal (McGill) and Munich.

Christian Albrecht

Christian is an Associate at Nordwind Capital, a multi-family investment office specializing in acquisitions and growth capital investments.

At Nordwind, Christian has worked on deal teams during the acquisition of DriveLock, ibg, B2B Media Group, Productsup and Prairie Berries. He has held several senior positions at portfolio firms, helping them to achieve their growth targets.

Christian studied in Switzerland, in the US, UK, China and Brazil and is a CEMS graduate in International management.

Dr. Stefan Oschmann
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Stefan is a highly experienced executive in the fields of biopharma, life science tools and specialty chemicals.

He served as Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Merck KGaA where he successfully lead the transformation of the company into a leading science and technology company. During his tenure Merck developed and launched two blockbuster products in neuroscience and oncology. He was chairman of the world pharma association IFPMA and of the European pharma association EFPIA.

After his retirement from Merck, Stefan served as chairman of UCB and AiCuris and works as a partner at private equity firm Armira. Prior to Merck, Stefan served in senior roles such as President Emerging Markets and President Europe/Middle East/Africa at the US corporation Merck & Co. (MSD). Stefan had started at MSD in R&D and prior to that worked in a research function at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Stefan holds a doctorate (DVM) from the University of Munich.

Günter Jucho

Günter has a longstanding track record in corporate finance and management. He started his career with an engineering company and has been the co-founder of a print-advertising company with responsibility for international sales.

Later, he was country manager for a renowned German infant food producer. Thereafter, he founded Jucho & Coll., a company specializing in the financing of medium-sized growth companies.

Günter has been engaged in various high profile entrepreneurial networking organizations and is highly connected to various industries and investment organizations. Recently, he shifted his focus to the corporate finance matters of  growth companies in the life science sector. Günter is responsible for Finance in the Board of Qanatpharma AG. Günter holds an MBA from the University of Munster, Germany.

Alexandra Papaelias

Alex manages business development of QP's Canadian location and leads the Clinical Program.

As a key part of its research pipeline, Alex also coordinates the Toronto Centre for Microvascular Medicine, which harnesses cross-disciplinary expertise and technical resources of the top researchers and clinicians across the University and Hospital network.

Alex also specializes in design and visualization for health, engaging diverse perspectives to showcase microvascular research and its role in contemporary medicine.

Dr. Philipp Trepte
Director, QP Germany

Philipp is a molecular biologist specializing in high throughput assay development, multi-OMICs data analysis and machine learning.

After joining QP in 2024, Philipp established an in silico based next generation drug discovery platform to accelerate the development of therapeutics for microvascular diseases.

Philipp studied in Germany, USA and China. After completing his PhD in Berlin at the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine, he did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna.

Dr. Darcy Lidington

Darcy has 15+ years experience as a vascular biologist specializing in heart failure and cerebral blood flow.

As an original member of the research lab, Darcy is a consistent resource for QP's pre-clinical evidence generation strategy, experimental design and methodology and data analysis.

Darcy also leads the academic training arm of QP's research collaboration with the Toronto Centre for Microvascular Medicine.

Dr. Aleksandra Radchenko

Aleksandra has 10+ years of comprehensive experience in biochemistry research. Her expertise includes protein studies in brain physiology and the development of photodynamic cancer therapy agents.

At QP, Aleksandra works on the identification and characterization of targets for the regulation of microvascular tone. She designs and implements protein-based and cell-based assays in the Company’s drug screening research.

Dr. Julia Hanchard

Julia has been conducting innovative research in drug discovery, biochemistry and metabolism for 10+ years.

At QP, Julia works on what’s next as she leads the molecular discovery strategy in developing the next line of antihypertensive therapies. Julia oversees all aspects of molecular biology, quantitative omics and drug screening research to investigate and validate the biochemical mechanisms underlying our novel therapy.

Dr. Alexandre Marchenko

Alexandre has been a researcher at the University of Toronto for 10 years, specializing in metabolism and circadian biology.

At QP, Alexandre joins the scientific team to support the company’s pre-clinical program, which spans microvascular target identification, evaluation of therapeutic candidates, and development of clinical proof-of-concept strategy. Furthermore, he engages the clinical team during the planning and coordination of human trials.

Dr. Danny Dinh

Danny has 10+ years of experience in pre-clinical microvascular research utilizing various mouse resistance artery models and disease models.

At QP, Danny integrates the molecular targeting and drug screening research of other lab members and validates them in his animal research. Armed with an exceptional mastery of microsurgical precision, Danny leads the microvascular research stream with unmatched consistency and throughput.

Jamie McMillan

Jamie is a multimedia creative professional developing strategy, design and visual identity for public and private projects spanning biomedical sciences to the creative sector and community initiatives. 

With a specialization in photo and video production, he combines analogue and digital techniques to capture the microvasculature and provide a unique lens into the world of microvascular research.

At QP, Jamie seeks to tell stories about the people, projects and aspirations that drive the fast paced, innovative environment of the company.