QP Germany adds machine-learning and AI to Qanatpharma’s pipeline

March 29, 2024

QP is growing its scientific leadership with the appointment of Dr. Philipp Trepte,  an expert in protein-protein interactions and multi-OMICs data analysis with a strong background in machine learning and AI for target identification and drug discovery. As Director of QP Germany, he will integrate his expertise to bring a competitive edge to QP’s drug development pipeline and build QP’s European presence. The application of machine learning and AI approaches to QP's microvascular research and discovery pipeline promises to transform target identification and accelerate the discovery of novel therapeutics for microvascular disease. “I am excited to join a great team that is at the forefront of their field”, said Philipp, “it is a fun challenge to blend approaches and come up with new ways of thinking and doing things.”


QP Germany GmbH

QP’s expansion into Munich, Germany marks its strategic entry into the European Union, opening avenues for new funding opportunities at both national and EU levels. The city's academic landscape, with two prominent universities, promises access to top-tier research talent, enriching QP's scientific endeavours. Munich's thriving biotech ecosystem and economic vitality present an ideal setting for forging innovative public-private partnerships, further propelling QP's growth.

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